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Where is My Order?
  1. Where is My Order?
  1. Where is My Order?


    Hey Dude, I mailed my order to your office in Japan yesterday and it still hasn't arrived at the fake return address I think I put on the envelope. You can't miss my order, it was the white envelope with a stamp on it. Inside, was a Chuck E Cheeze napkin with my Visa number written on it, in blue crayon.
    So are you ever going to ship my order or are you crooks?

    PS - If you ever do send my order, please put it in the glovebox of the blue Chevy parked in my neighbors driveway and honk the horn 3 times so I know it's here and my Mom won't see it!


    Ok... so this letter IS exaggerated!... a little.... but you get the idea.
    We do get letters frighteningly reminiscent of this one. 99% of customer concerns would be eliminated if people would read the site FAQ and use the online order system. Surprisingly we get a lot of mail, containing cash, with no order #, no name, no shipping or order info, or even a return address on the envelope. Our Psychic in the mail room charges extra to ship these.

    We recently posted the following on the Shroomery Forum in regards to missing or delayed orders.
    We felt it was important to repost this here for the benefit of our intellectual customers who read the FAQ.
    The others will keep sending letters similar to the one above.


     Reprinted from the Shroomery

    Hi Everyone

    We have received a couple comments on the forum about missing or delayed orders, and several emails from a few people with the same problem.

    First of all, I would like to remind everyone, if you have any problems or concerns with our service, you need to address it to the office the order was sent to, either the U.S. office or the Canada office. The offices are completely separate and we each have different disadvantages and advantages when it comes to filling orders. We both treat all our customers with the best service we can provide, always have and always will.

    Regardless of where your order is sent, if you have questions about an order we need the following information to check up on it,

    Your Name (The Name you used on your order)
    Street Address (Where the Order is being shipped to) Apartment or Unit # (Don't Forget)
    Your State or Province
    and Your Order Number.

    We CAN NOT search an order with just your email address.

    Note - If you register on the site you can check the status of your orders easily. If you do not register, but make your order online, you will get a confirmation email containing your order number (providing you use a valid email)
    If you place an order without using the online ordering system, we CAN NOT find out the status of your order. Rest assured, If an order arrives... it will get shipped!

    Please use the online system - It is secure and helps us, to help you, with your orders.

    In regards to shipping times... we realized that having to mail in your payment adds additional time to the order process, but we still feel this is in the best interests of our customers privacy and will not change. The U.S. shipping is somewhat quicker because of a faster more reliable mail service and a larger order processing staff, while our Canada office has to deal with poor mail service at best, which we do apologize for.

    Thanks to all for your understanding.



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