Why No Credit Cards or Paypal?

Due to the nature of our industry, and the fact that our products “could” be misused for improper reasons,
we feel it is imperative to protect ourselves and more importantly our customers.

Our protection is a purely financial one which I will explain.
We hear all the time “If you took Paypal or Credit Cards You would get more business”

Although our products and practices are completely legal, other Vendors have had their Paypal accounts locked and seized
for “questionable sales” for a minimums of 6 months to a year or more, sometimes with extremely large balances.
By not using Paypal we avoid this complication and this will not change.
We Do Not Accept Paypal.
Accepting Credit Cards has its own drawbacks. Although the credit card processors would never seize an account,
our industry is classed as High Risk which is only accepted by a few reputable companies, at a higher rate
and a long payout holdback due to potential fraud.  It could be months before we actually receive our payments,
and if fraud or chargebacks are encountered, those funds never reach us, even though the products have been shipped.
To continue to keep our prices low, we can not afford to lose income due to fraud or high processing rates.
We Do Not Accept Credit Cards.
Personal Checks can take a long time to clear before your order could be shipped and expose your identity.
We Do Not Accept Personal Checks.

Our Customers protection is even more important.
We hear all the time “Can I order without creating an account?”

Yes, but you will not be able to track your order status. The system is designed to protect and serve you better, use it.

The reason people ask... is because they wish to maintain their anonymity. Using Paypal or a Credit Card processor 
permanently logs all your personal and purchase information forever, which is easily obtained
by ANY approved organization or business... and there are MANY that are approved.

For those who may say, “I don’t care” to this. I guess it’s up to us to protect you from yourselves, 
even if we have to lose your business to do so.
We are more concerned with your privacy and security than taking your money.

We Do Not Accept Credit Cards, Paypal or Personal Checks.

One final Point...

We are strictly a Mail Order Only Company.

No matter how close to one of our locations you are, you can not pick up your order from us!
We made a handshake deal with the fast food chains – They don’t mail their Burgers and Fries across country,
and we promised not to put in a drive through.
If you have a local shop that carries spores, it is quite possible they are a Vendor we supply,
so you will still get the RalphstersSpores Quality you deserve.
If that shop doesn’t stock our products, feel free to introduce them to our services.
We will be pleased to offer them a Vendor Account.

Thanks for your Understanding

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